Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's day!

Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope. ~Bill Cosby

It was father's day yesterday and Rahul got a couple hand made cards from the kids... and as he gushed over them pretending that they were the best gifts, I stood there admiring him... he is a great father... loves his kids to bits, always very funny and playful, but knows when to discipline. !

And the kids love him all the same... he is the biggest influence on Reya.... and he is Reya's perfect guy as she has reminded me again and again... like this

"Reya, why are you playing with your DSi?"
Daddy said I can play!"
"But I told you to finish the handwriting page... anyways, put this away and go finish it!"
"I can't... daddy said I have to play and I have to listen to him because he is the head of the family..."

Or another time when Reya got a splinter in her hand...

"Reya, let me help you!"
"No!, I want Daddy to help me!"
"Reya, it's OK, I can get this out and it won't hurt"
"No Mommy, I will have Daddy help me because he knows more.."
"I mean he knows more because he has had more life than you... he is older than you, so he knows more than you..."

Or my recent favorite....
"Reya, stop it... it's hurting!" (Reya was hanging off my arm)
"Love hurts... I am loving you!!!"
"Where did you hear such a line?"
"Daddy said love hurts..."
"When did he say that..."
"When he was fixing my hair and it hurt, he said it's hurting because he is making sure I look good because he loves me and love hurts...."

Rithik is not very far behind... Every day as soon as he hears Daddy's car coming in the drive way, he runs to the door, tries to open it (and then I come and open the child safety lock) and then welcomes his dad in the sweetest possible voice "hi daddy..."

Gloria Steinem once said "It's clear that most American children suffer too much mother and too little father." Well, I am certainly glad that that's not the case in our family... our kids suffer from their father quite well. And they are very happy to...

Happy father's day to you all!


  1. Loved the "love hurts........" one..... funny... girl your girl sounds so very like you

  2. She looks like me too! And she has got all my bad habits...