Monday, June 7, 2010

Introducing Reya and Rithik

Motherhood, such a warm word... full of feelings, but some time back, I read a quote... "Mothers of teens know Why Some Animals Eat Their Young"

And then I read another one... "Motherhood is like being pecked to death by chickens."

Do you agree with this? ??

I have 2 kids, 6 year old Reya and 2 year old Rithik.And let me be give you my take! Motherhood for me is like Rock n Roll... Sometimes I dance to the music... and sometimes I am rolling over hot rocks...

I know what you are thinking... how can she compare her young angels to pecking chickens or hot rocks.... nah! she is exaggerating... or am I?

Well the truth is that I am exaggerating...The truth is that my kids are the best thing in my life. The truth is that all their "annoying" incidents are the highlights of my days, even my weeks. I might want to pull my hair for a few moments, but 5 minutes later, I am bursting with laughter and keep laughing for days...

When I once asked my mom if we (me and my siblings) gave her a hard time in our childhood, she said, "Funny, I don't remember any bad days, I just remember how proud you all made me over the years..." and I hope I would say the same in a few years... but untill then I will keep loving my pecking chickens and pointy rocks and dance to the music!

And while I do that, I will share the highlights with all of you through this blog! Happy reading!

Signing off,


  1. Wow Di...very nice post :) I would love to read abt Reya and Rithik..Keep writing!