Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The best use of a million dollars

Ni Hao... Greetings from Shanghai...

I am in Shanghai this week for work and having a lot of new experiences that I will start sharing with you once I come back... But while I enjoy here, let me tell you about an incident from last week.

Last week, princess Reya was working on a writing skills exercise that asked 3 things that she would do if she got a million dollars. She answered:

First, I would buy a car.
Second, I would buy a doll house.
Third, I will buy food.

Interesting choices...

It certainly makes sense for her to buy food. I am quite sure, that by food she meant chocolates, chips, ice cream and all the things that are generally given to her in very controlled amounts under specific curcumstances.

Doll house was a more interesting choice. She generally is not a girl that plays with dolls. Books are her thing. But I will talk more about that some other day.

I thought the car was the most interesting choice. I asked myself "Is she growing up too fast? Does she want to be more independent? Why did she want to buy a car? and what kind of car would she buy?" So I asked her...

"Sweetie, you really want to buy a car if you have million dollars."
"What kind of car do you want?"
"I want to buy Daddy's big car."
"You want a Honda Pilot? (Hmm??? Odd choice for a 6 year old!) What color?"
"I want to buy Daddy's car, not a new one!" (Now I was puzzled.)
"But why do you want to buy Daddy's used car"
With a smug smile and bright eyes, she replied... "Because Daddy has '3 Idiots' and 'Rocket Singh' songs in his car and if I buy his car, I can listen to them again and again in any order..."


And all I could think was "Oh baby! Stay so sweet for as long as you can! Please don't grow up fast!"
Signing off,

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