Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A mom-cation!

Every mother is a working mother... Is there any other kind?

So, finally, that night I booked my trip to Shanghai... There was a big discussion (negotiation) before that happened...

I knew the deal needed serious bargaining and I don't know anyone better at bargaining than Rahul... So I applied what I have learned from him and started from a high number...

"Honey, I am thinking of going for 2 weeks"

"2 WEEKS!... , who goes on a work trip for 2 weeks? How about 2 days..." (giving me a look like I had smoked pot or something) ... oh you can see what a bargainer he is... Always starts from 10% of asked amount...

"2 days... I will hardly reach there before it's time to head back... I have a lot of work to do there and I don't want to be in office each hour of the trip. How about 10 days total... I can leave mid-week and come back by next weekend..."

"What about the kids... The kids will suffer..."

??? ...

C'mon... don't play the kids card... Well, may be they will suffer a tiny bit... but nothing that will scar them for life...

Besides, let's get real... We all know here who is really going to suffer, but is too proud to admit it... it's the father...

I mean I have yet to meet a father whose dream chore is changing diapers...

And every one does need a break once in a while...

By the end of the trip, fathers generally say things that they never thought they would...

I stuck to my guns... "I really want to spend a week in Shanghai, have some quality time with my teams,  and spend my evenings relaxing and experiencing the city... I can really use a break from my regular work day..."

"Work trips are not relaxing... If you want to go for leisure... then we should ALL go later as a vacation..."

VACATION... what... wait a minute.... i don't think he understands my job profile or the concept of vacation.... let me explain...
  • I am a mother ...  (The phrase "working mother" is redundant)
  • I happen to have a day- job too...
  • In fact, by and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacationless class.
  • Working mothers are guinea pigs in a scientific experiment to show that sleep is not necessary to human life."
  • Diapers smell, and I would love to stop and smell something else once in a while.
  • Raising kids, while being very joyous, is hard, hard work...especially without extended family
  • Indian mothers in US generally don't have household help... and yes, while we have vaccume cleaners and dishwashers, we still need to load and operate them
A normal profile of mother is not this... even though we claim that it is...

The real profile of a mother of 2 young kids is this....

And even when the families are on vacation, the mother is working.... By going to Shanghai... I will actually be on vacation from my biggest job.... and so I said...

"I truely want a vacation... a real vacation... that's why I am going alone..."

And we struck the deal at 6 days...

I love Rahul, and I love my kids..., but for one week a year, I love me too....

Love yourself my fellow mothers... take a mom-cation once in a while...

Signing off,


  1. totally love this blog! So true. Vacation with kids is not much of a vacation. Totally Loved the art with the kids names in it. How did you do that. Please share.

  2. Haha! Nice one Shilpa. I see lots of effort went into the customized cartoons as well :)
    Dads need a vacation too, I'm elbowing for one.. ;)

  3. You are right Arvind... Dads need the vacation too... go ahead and write about it on your blog... I will write about it too sometime once I finish the mom's list of complaints, LOL

  4. So true!! I didnt go on team trips till my daughter turned 4. Went twice since last year... for 2-3 days .. and it does feel so good and refreshing :)

  5. I went visiting my parents last month with my son, the 16 month old! It was good bonding time for the boys on the road and the girls at home :)

  6. @softypinkngloriousred: Good for you...
    @Arvind: you are an inspiration to all dads and a hope to all motehers... I should introduce you to Rahul...

  7. Aster, I just searched for right images on internet and then edited them per my needs.

  8. wow !! u r really creative.. what an effcetive communication with the meduim of these cartoon !!!

    yes u are right.. working mothers never have a time off... regardless of whther the moms have a full time job or not !!

    i had to go and get the TN status, when i started this new job.. so the compnay offered me to fly to detriot to get it done.. you know what , i choose to go by greyhound all by myself... so that i can take a day off.. and the daddy be mommy !!

    the result: .. my cell phone didn't stop ringing, thruout the night trip .. and the bus was fully packed.. when my neigbour gave me that look ... OMG..i smiled and said sorry its my son , missing me on my b'day (it was my b'day too )..
    finally when i got the job done .. i saw the my son , and his freinds along with my freind were all ready to pick me up and greeted me at the greyhound station :) with flowers..it was great .. and a bit embrassing too !! finally ..the bus neigbour walked upto us..and greeted my son and said.." i know that u love ur mamma too much !! good boy " :)
    this was the first time i had my vaccation :) and time off..

    keep posting shilpa.. :)

  9. wow Richa! That was nice... thank u for sharing!

  10. ha! ha! nice post....getting some learning for the future.