Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cherry on Top award! Hurrah!

The following happened (for real!) several years back! (I am not telling you how many years back, but I was in middle school). We were getting our reviewed English language assignments back from the teacher. If I remember correctly, we were supposed to write an interpretation of some poem or play. Now you have to understand that I was an excellent student in all other subjects, but when it came to languages, especially writing lengthy interpretations, I wasn't that great. I scored mainly because of grammar.

Flashback starts ..................................................................
Teacher: Shilpa, here is your reviewed assignment.
Moi: Thanks!

Teacher: Shilpa! (with a sigh!) Let me tell you something...
...I wait anxiously! What could it be! Am I in trouble?...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Funny Fridays - Pee Pee WHERE?

On March 3 2010 I logged into facebook to see my friend Preeti's status "TMT (Today my toddler!) taught me the meaning of a word I have been searching my whole life for. He taught me that "freedom" is really two simple words: potty trained"

My dear friends, I am trying to achieve that freedom for Rithik too...

It will take some time and a lot of patience for both of us, but we can... Yes we can! Yes we can! Thanks Obama for that slogan! Very useful for potty-training! I chant it to Rithik almost each time I put him on the toilet seat.

But the training also makes for some very comical (or not!) moments like this one.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tales from Shanghai trip - East meets India?

Happy Independence day to all my fellow Indians... I am proud of being an Indian - American. I feel loyal to both my homes... India and America. May both my homes prosper in peace!

While there are a lot of things about India that make one proud, sometimes the smallest and strangest things evoke the emotion of pride as you will see in this post.

So where did I leave you at the end of my last post... oh yes! the breakfast buffet of the ParkYard Hotel in Shanghai....  Let me take you inside today.

The buffet was described as "The Chinese and Western breakfast buffet (pay close attention here)" in the hotel literature...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tales from Shanghai trip - Waking up in a foreign land!

I opened my eyes... everything around me was dark... but I knew something was different...

My usual mornings find me hunched on my side in the corner of one of the 4 beds in my house after a night of playing musical beds...  But there I was, laying on my back and there was space to move... It could only mean one thing.... I was definitely not in my home!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Musical beds!

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one.— Leo Burke

I have never been lucky enough to sleep easily... even before I had babies, I always found it hard to sleep... After having babies, I found it even harder...

Earlier, I was never too tired to sleep or had a lot on my mind, I laughed at people that took day-time naps, and always had energy to stay awake the whole night if needed...

Now..., after having the kids, I am always tired by night, jealous of people who have the luxury of a day-time nap and cannot stay awake the whole night... I am ready to sleep ANYTIME now!

But of course, we are a family that plays musical beds at night....