Friday, August 20, 2010

Funny Fridays - Pee Pee WHERE?

On March 3 2010 I logged into facebook to see my friend Preeti's status "TMT (Today my toddler!) taught me the meaning of a word I have been searching my whole life for. He taught me that "freedom" is really two simple words: potty trained"

My dear friends, I am trying to achieve that freedom for Rithik too...

It will take some time and a lot of patience for both of us, but we can... Yes we can! Yes we can! Thanks Obama for that slogan! Very useful for potty-training! I chant it to Rithik almost each time I put him on the toilet seat.

But the training also makes for some very comical (or not!) moments like this one.

Rithik loves his Buzz Light year (from Toy Story) training diapers. Oh yes! gone are the days of plain white diapers... diapering is a fashionable way to express yourself now and diapers come in all kinds of designs. Even designers like Cynthia Rowley are designing diapers...

Anyways, I digress! So yes, Rithik loves his fancy diapers and the following is a regular conversation in our home (by regular, I mean every other hour).

ME: "Rithik.... no pee pee on buzz light year... Buzz gets very gussa (angry) when you do pee pee on him"
RITHIK (with wide button like eyes!) : BUZZ GUSSA (angry)!
ME: Yes! No pee pee in the diaper, pee pee in the....
RITHIK (enthusiastically): pee pee in the TOILEEEETTTT!

And after all that, he proceeds to pee in the diaper...

Well not really! I exaggerate! Generally after this conversation he runs to the bathroom and I follow him saying "Run... Run.... Run!

The other day, I was taking a few pictures of my backyard. It was a very hot day, so I let Rithik play in just a diaper. Suddenly I noticed Rithik making THE face. You know... THE FACE! It was clear to me that he needed to go pee pee.

I screamed "Rithik! run, run run". But, instead of going to the bathroom, he started running in the backyard. By the time I caught him, he had proudly peed in the diaper and was smiling brightly! I took off his diaper, and said with an angry face! "Rithik! no pee pee in the diaper! pee pee in the ..."

Rithik didn't miss a beat. He laughed, ran all around the backyard shouting "PEE PEE IN THE BACKYARD! PEE PEE IN THE BACKYARD! PEE PEE IN THE BACKYARD!

Ah! the funny moments of mommyhood!

Signing off,
PS: I can really use some tips here! Help me out!


  1. Haha! There are really no tips. They will let us know when they are ready. I learnt it the hard way :)


  2. I have to agree, Its tough on parents, but most of us learn the hard way - when they are ready they are. Tanay in pull-ups made me run almost 1 year. Then something changed suddenly right after his 3rd birthday and he repeated to me "no pee pee in Pants, only in the toilet :)"

  3. and my lil AArav(1.5yrs)...throughout the day...pee-pee in diaper and at night....pee-pee only in toilet...way to punish no good night sleeps....

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  5. Shilpa, I have given you "Cherry on the top" blog award! Happy blogging!

  6. @Preeti - Keep your FB status updates coming. I get a lot of material there.
    @Aster - 3rd Birthday! Hmm, Reya got trained around the same time. I should mentally prepare for a long training time.
    @Deepa - Rithik woke me up last night at 10:30 for the first time to tell me that he wants to go to "Barathoo" (bathroom). I can feel your pain.
    @Leena - What can I say to you. I wrote a whole post for it.