Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tales from Shanghai trip - Waking up in a foreign land!

I opened my eyes... everything around me was dark... but I knew something was different...

My usual mornings find me hunched on my side in the corner of one of the 4 beds in my house after a night of playing musical beds...  But there I was, laying on my back and there was space to move... It could only mean one thing.... I was definitely not in my home!

It was my first morning in Shanghai and I was in my hotel room... Ni Hao!

The clock read 4:15 am!

My thoughts instantly went to my kids... did they sleep OK? Was Rahul OK...Reya is old enough... but Rithik is so young... whose cheeks did he hold at night! But then I dismissed the anxiety! I am sure they were all fine! Rahul is excellent when it comes to handling kids...

I looked at all the empty space on the king size bed and decided to take the rare opportunity to do this...

And then I decided to sleep some more!

But that damn jet lag woke me up again in an hour!

It was 5:30 am and since the Hotel restaurant was not open till 7 am, and I had time to spare, I decided to check out the swimming pool after a gap of couple years... (that's a blog post in itself, but you will have to wait a few days for that one).

I once read that a woman is as old as she looks before breakfast... so I took care to ensure I looked young and at 7:30 am sharp, I was all dressed up, and ready to attack the breakfast buffet at the Parkyard hotel in Shanghai... and terribly hungry!

If last night's fish head was any indication (don't worry! it will all be explained to you in the next few posts), this trip was going to be a culinary adventure and I was looking forward to it!
Signing off,

PS: Pardon me for delaying and then breaking up tales from my China visit, but I have so many things to tell you, that unless you are willing to spare one whole day and read my blog, it better come to you in chunks!

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