Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tales from Shanghai trip - Things I don't see around me everyday!

I am just back from an India trip, but before I start a series of posts on my expereinces in India, I need to start wrapping up the Shanghai posts series. So today I want to share with you, a few things from Shanghai that I do not see aruond everyday here in Bay area, California

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thoughtful Tuesdays - How can we raise a kind and compassionate child?

Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned. - Peter Marshall

The reason that I have not been posting the last 3 weeks is that I was in India to attend my little brother's wedding... Well, I came back this Sunday and right at the airport, I had an discussion with Reya that forced me to ask this question to all of you... "How do we raise a child that is kind and compassionate?"
Reya was thirsty and I took her to the water fountain. After drinking her water, she let the water run for a while. I stopped her by telling her that we should not waste drinking water.