Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tales from Shanghai trip - Things I don't see around me everyday!

I am just back from an India trip, but before I start a series of posts on my expereinces in India, I need to start wrapping up the Shanghai posts series. So today I want to share with you, a few things from Shanghai that I do not see aruond everyday here in Bay area, California

Umbrella lockers - First up, we have an amazing security system for your wet umbrella. No more worrying about taking a wet umbrella to your office cube or worse, have it stolen from the lobby if you leave it there. Just put your umbrella in, lock it and take the key with you! just make sure you don't loose the key.

2-wheeler parking - Now, I admit that there is a lot of parking available in office parking lots for bikes, but they are usually only 1-2% of the entire parking lot and majority of the lot is dedicated to cars... Here in Shanghai, I saw big 2-wheeler parking lots dedicated to just bikes... and I saw grannies riding bikes to get the groceries... it was cool and cute at the same time!

Monster Trousers - This is something I have never seen before. Here we have a pair of trousers so wide that it needs 2 hangers to hold it. This is a good picture. I am going to blow it up and put on my dining room wall to remind me to manage my health better.

Color changing buildings - One thing that I was very impressed with in Shanghai was the color changing buildings. For example following are 3 pic of the same building at 30 seconds interval. Cool! isn't it?

Another color changing building... (you can see the start of the color change)

Monster burger - Now  that you have seen the monster trousers above, I can tell you the fastest way to fit in them if you are so inclined... Monster burger! As you can see it costs a good 1000 RMB and if you can finish it in 10 min the restaurant will give it to you for free. And they will also take your picture and put it on their "wall of fame"... Anyone up for a challange?

People, lot of people - For five days, I wondered that even though China has the largest polulation in the world, I didn't see any huge crowds like I have seen in India... On my last night there, I went to the People's square and I saw them... People, people everywhere.... and I realized that the place was very aptly named!

Hope you enjoyed the show, stay tuned for my last posts in the series before I start new series on disneyland and India.

Signing off,
Shilpa Lamba Vir

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