Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rithik turns three...

Hey there, Long time!

I have been inactive for some time tending to work and family... but a lot has been happening.!
The kids are growing up... Rithik just turned three and Reya is turning seven this month.

Rithik loved turning three. He had been looking forward to it for quite some time... and even practising!

 On Diwali, while I was lighting the candles and placing them around the house, he had been going to them, singing "Happy Birthday Toooo Toooo" and blowing them off... And no amount of reasoning could persuade him not to do that. I ended up surrendering...

Then there was the time, when he insisted to cut his rice with a knife and singing "Happy Birthday Tooo Tooo". I thought it was cute but then he started trying to cut everything including salad and dumpling and we ended up with a big mess... on the table and on the floor. After that I didn't think it was cute.

Then as we got closer to his birthday, he started getting more enthusiastic. He and Reya even insisted on cutting our marriage anniversary cake. By this time, me and hubby had understood that any resistance was futile... We surrendered without any fight.

 Well, after months of practicing, the big day finally arrived and Rithik turned three... I wanted to have a theme for the birthday and selected "Farm animals" theme... In my next post, I will share more the big "theme" celebration... but for now, a picture from the big day.

Rithik's newest passion?... Holding 3 fingers and saying "How old is Rithik?... Rithik is three years old..."

See you next time!

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