Thursday, April 28, 2011

The two faces of a mother

My mother loves me and my siblings a lot, but that also meant that she really pushed us to do our best. I did quite well in school, and my sister did not. Eventually she admitted defeat and to the relief of my sister she gave up on her studies. To the horror of my brother, she then focused all her energy on his studies. She was referred to as "Hitler mom" by certain extended family members due to her strictness when it came to our studies. Oh I have so many stories about her... but let's focus on just one today.

After my sister and I were both married and our husbands joined the family, we discovered another face of our mother. The one that gushed over her sons-in-law, very loving, caring, agreeing with everything they said... basically a complete opposite of what we saw in the past, which prompted my brother who was still in school to make this observation

"मम्मी आपके दो स्वरुप है! एक देवी स्वरुप आपके दामादों के लिए, और एक दानव स्वरुप मेरे लिए!" 

Translated it says, "Mom, you have 2 personalities. One angelic personality for your sons-in-law, and another daemon personality, for me" 

At that time I agreed wholeheartedly. And my mom said to me... "Don't worry, you will also end up having 2 faces for your kids". And I have!

Fast forward to year 2011..............

Reya and Rithik were both extra tired all last week, which was a sure indication that they might fall sick. Rithik got better, but Reya developed a fever on Sunday. As she woke up with a 103 fever, I panicked...

In general, I am not worried about fevers... Kids have had this so many time, that it has become part of the routine life. And generally each episode is done in 3-4 days. But last time she had fever, it lasted for almost 10 days and turned out to be pneumonia. It was fairly recently and my friend Pooja warned me that if I was not careful, it might happen again.

The fever wasn't coming down, so after discussing her symptoms with advise nurse, we went to see our dear Pediatrician. Dr. Amy sure has a way with kids. She makes Reya feel so special that her icy mood practically melts in front of her. She can even get Rithik to behave, which is amazing since I use doctor's office as a tactic to scare Rithik sometimes (yes, I am that kind of evil mom) and it is one of the last places on earth he ever wants to be.

Luckily the strep test came negative, so we were certain she didn't need antibiotics... Phew. For the next 2 days Reya stayed home... In the past, I have sent her to school if she had the energy to do so, but this time, I was going to keep her home until she was all better.

During this phase, Reya got whatever she wanted... a lot of TV, a free pass to make mess anywhere in the house, no scolding, no studies, servants standing by to cater to her (aka parents), lot of hugs and kisses. She had a perfect angelic (देवी) mom for the duration. 

But once she got better, I came to my usual daemon (दानव) mom mode. I woke her up early in the morning despite her protests, got her ready for school, force-fed her some food and sent her school. She is really close to graduating her grade (her school allows graduations all throughout the year), so along with food, I also shoved some math facts and instructions down her throat. I said yelled "behave in school" along with my good-byes, she looked at me with an angry face!

Reya: "I want to stay home with you" 
Mom: "Sorry sweetie! Vacation is over and you need to go to school"
Reya: "You were much nicer yesterday"
Mom: "Yes, that was my Angelic personality. She came to visit you while you were sick and now that you are better, she is gone!" 

I have a feeling Reya was thinking about falling sick more often!


  1. sweet...glad to know she is done with her illness and routine is back to normalcy! sometimes normalcy is so boring... but after a chaos, we really feel... even if boring...its better than such a chaos which is caused by kids not keeping well! Hope you guys have a great weekend dear :)

  2. You are right Asmita! Normalcy is very boring... but I have learnt to appreciate it very much.