Friday, May 27, 2011

Funny Fridays - The Gender Anamoly

Being a 3 year old boy is difficult. Your mind tells you that you are ready to be a big boy, but your body and fine motor skills hold you back at times. Yous mind is amazed with all the new things that you encounter. You are working out your social skills by making new friends in your pre-school. But most importantly, your brain is exploding with an expanded vocabulary.

It is said that 90% of all brain development occurs by the age of five and a large part of it is language understanding. And it always makes for some funny moments when the child tries to gain command over a language... like this one.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesdays - Shhhh!


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughtful Tuesdays - why parents should let their children fall and fail...

Where parents do too much for their children, the children will not do much for themselves. - Elbert Hubbard

Each year, as summer approaches, I start thinking about Canada where we visited a couple years ago for a week. We were hosted by our extended family with lots of love and we had the best time. During that visit, we were invited to dinner by our host's brother and sister-in-law (Uncle ji and Arna Aunty), a very loving and affectionate couple.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Funny Fridays - The consequences of getting married

My friends Vish is an accomplished public speaker among other things... He always has his way with words. Ask him a tough question and pat comes a witty reply.

He is also a father of 2 kids.... kids who can leave their appa (father) speechless from time to time... Here's one such moment that happened right this week.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thoughtful Tuesdays - How to feed your child without a fight?

I saw my mother doing this.... 
I saw my aunts doing this...
I saw my sisters doing this.... 
I saw my friends doing this.... 
I realized I was doing it too.....

Running after my kids with food in my hand.... pleading them to eat!!! When I looked at families with toddlers sitting together and eating dinner properly in restaurants and TV shows, they seemed Aliens to me... 

My situation was not good.... As a toddler Reya ate everything. But as she grew up, Reya refused to eat anything that had even a hint of spice. She avoided Indian food and preferred eating frozen food which I hated... I even took it as an insult and considered myself as a failed Mother. Then came along Rithik. Rithik was a better eater than Reya, but picky nonetheless. And Rahul wanted extremely healthy version of Indian food. My options were limited. Either I could prepare 3 different cuisines to satisfy 3 palates or ignore Rahul and just cater bland child friendly food. I was totally stumped.

Then one day I decided that things have to change and I will have to change them.... I put my foot down and announced that I was enforcing new food policies in the house.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The mystery pack arrived

I have been so busy with Birthday parties that I forgot to tell you about a special delivery!

So Last Friday, when our car entered the driveway, Reya screamed happily... "Mommy, there is a box!" She got out from the car, ran to it and again screamed..... "It's Lock n Lock mommy"!

Getting a delivery in a box is a happy thing for my kids... It's a giggle fest anytime we get a big box because they get to open it, empty it and then play with the box, but especially if the box is from Lock n Lock. Reya knows that if it's from Lock n Lock, Mommy usually gets in a great mood, the things that come out of box are quite pretty and the insane amount of brown paper and bubble wrap the things are packed in (its really wonderful packaging) provides hours of fun time.

 This particular time, I was expecting a package of Lock  Lock products that I am supposed to review. So even I was anxious about the contents of the box. Reya gets to the task at hand right away.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Funny Fridays - Knock Knock!

Reya: Knock Knock!
Mom: Who's there?
Reya: Better.
Mom: Better who?
Reya: Better let me in!

Reya is big on knock knock jokes...

She didn't know what a knock knock joke was until she read "The diary of a wimpy kid", but once she got it, she loves them. Every time she finds a new knock knock joke, she tries it on everyone that she meets including. Most people play along and she is all happy to have outsmarted a grown up person.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Need your help!

Hello all,

I think being a mom or dad rocks...

For the most part, it'a big challange because at times you will go insane, but some precious moments like when you watch your child sleeping, or when you get a wet drooly kiss froom your child, or when your little one simply gives you a bright smile make it totally worth the hard work... and as a bonus, you learn to appreciate your own parents fully for the love they have given you.

If you agree with me... Vote for my picture in the "Moms rock!" contest... PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP!

The contest entry is at

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Am I going downhill already?

Today I read a newspaper article that mentioned a research done in London School of Economics by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa.

In this research, the researcher examined 17000 babies born in Britain in year 1958 and found that the attractive women of the group mostly gave birth to a girl whereas the women who were not attractive mostly had a boy.

What the hell???

Does this mean that I was attractive when Reya was born, but by the time Rithik came around, I was no longer attractive?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

9/11 - The day that changed so many lives... mine too!

May 1st 2011  - It was a usual Sunday evening. I was preparing dinner and Rahul was engaged with kids when the phone rang. It was our 7 year old nephew Aru who had a special news for his mamaji (uncle)

"Rahul mamaji! Rahul mamaji.... Osama is dead!
For a moment my husband confused Osama with President Obama and almost screamed "What!!! Obama is dead???" 
"No Osama! Osama is dead. Turn on the TV"

Rahul turned the TV on while yelling to me "Shilpa!!! Osama is dead!!!". I came running. For the next 20 min we were glued to TV waiting for Obama to address the press. We were happy! we even did high fives! and told the kids that a very bad man had been punished.

It was a good day for America! 9/11 had been avenged!!! A day when along with all the Americans, my life also changed forever...

I remember 9/11 as if it was yesterday. I woke up early and told my husband that I had seen a dream in which a plane crashed into a building. He said it was no dream. I must have heard the news on our NPR radio channel that is set as our morning alarm and then visualized the scene. We turned the TV on and saw the news coverage. At first we thought that some country had attacked USA. We were going to work when our families in India called to check on us as they had seen some TV news about planes crashing in USA. We assured that we were in another corner of the country. By the time I reached office, pentagon had been hit and a plan had fallen near Pennsylvania.

It was hard to react that day, but slowly the news sank. It was a brutal, inhumane, barbaric attack on people who did not deserve it. With God's grace, none of my friends and family were hurt in 9/11, but I still cried many times when I thought of the families that lost their loved ones. I cried every time I saw the footage of people jumping from twin towers. I cried each time when I thought about the bravery of the people upon United flight 93.

The lives of their families were never going to be the same.... Little did I know that my own life was going to be affected in a way I did not realize.

A few days after 9/11, some hate crimes were committed in some states against people of Arab descent as well as people who looked like Arabs, especially Sikhs. A Sikh taxi driver was shot in California too. The atmosphere was changing. Suddenly Arabs were looked upon suspiciously. People did not want to associated with them. I am not an Arab, yet I was told to be careful by many people just because I did not White, Black, Chinese or Hispanic. I could be mistaken for an Arab. I didn't believe it at first.

I worked at a start-up. A few days after 9/11, I was leaving work after a release around 8:30 pm, when Suddenly, my COO who was a Japanese stopped me. He then called a White colleague and asked to escort me to the parking lot. I was wearing an Indian dress. I looked at him quizzically and he said "It's for your safety. I don't want anyone to attack you thinking you are an Arab." I was stunned as I realized that how one incident by one ARAB man can bring so much disgrace to an entire race and even other races.

When I narrated this incident to my husband, he suggested that I should not wear Indian clothes for a few days. I was furious.

"I am an Indian. I am a Hindu. I wear bindi and bangles for God sake, not a naqaab! Don't the Americans know Indians are peaceful! Don't they know the difference between a saree and burqa" And even if I was a Muslim or even an Arab, should I be feared or hurt just because some demented people who happen to be Muslim committed this act of violence. The KKK were white supremacists, so should I go an kill each white that comes across my way?

But in the end, I agreed with Rahul that I better be safe than dead. Unfortunately the logical reasoning that "I am Indian because I wear a bindi" cannot convince the people who have made up their mind to hate someone who looks like me. Just like the Muslim extremists who have made up their mind to hate anyone who doesn't agree with them.

I stopped wearing Indian clothes. Then gradually I stopped putting a bindi or wearing bangles. I hated it in the beginning, but then as I got used to it. 4 years later, I became a US citizen. The hate crimes faded away and life in America came back to normal, but I never went back to wearing Indian clothes everyday or even putting on bindi and bangles everyday.

There were still several reminders of 9/11. Like the day when it was very cold and I took out a silk scarf to tie around my face. Rahul immediately told me to take it off, suggesting that it might make me look like a middle-eastern. I was upset, not just for me, but also for all the middle -eastern people who probably struggled with situations like these everyday.

I muttered under my breath "Shame on you Osama! May you rot in hell"

Anytime I travelled, we took special precautions to not be flagged in the security checks. Whenever Rahul went on trips, I didn't sleep at night unless I heard from him after landing. I was once carrying a crochet with me to use in the plane and I was forced to throw it away. Another time, Reya's inhaler caused a big security check for us in Hongkong. And yet another time, I had to go though special checks when I tried to carry my breast pump with me on a domestic flight. But I took comfort in the fact that at least the security was not being compromised.

No, I wasn't living in terror. I trust in the ability of my country to protect its citizens. I trust the brave soldiers who put their life on line so that I can have a normal life. But I have never taken anything for granted after 9/11. And I have surely learned to appreciate each day.

But all those moments were somewhat vindicated when I heard the news of Osama's death.

It was indeed a good day for America... It was a good day for me personally and I hope it was a good day for everyone whose lives were not the same after 9/11. 

Justice had been done...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lunch boxes from Lock and Lock

Since so many of you have been asking me where I got Reya and Rithik's lunch boxes, I thought I will write a quick post and let you know that they are from Lock n Lock.

Aren't they cute. Rithik used to tote his old lunch box with him everywhere, but when these got home and he first laid his eyes on this, he gladly left his old lunch box and now totes this with him everywhere. The containers are glass and BPA free and the lunch box and the containers are just the right size for the kids. And  both Reya and Rithik love the designs on the set.

And right now, you can get 35% off certain products with coupon code "thxmother".