Friday, May 20, 2011

Funny Fridays - The consequences of getting married

My friends Vish is an accomplished public speaker among other things... He always has his way with words. Ask him a tough question and pat comes a witty reply.

He is also a father of 2 kids.... kids who can leave their appa (father) speechless from time to time... Here's one such moment that happened right this week.

Vish's daughter: Appa I am not getting married
Vish: Why not?
Vish's daughter: Because then I will have kids and the kids will make a mess in the house and I don't like cleaning up their mess!
Vish: !

Happy Friday everyone! Send in your kid's wisdom (or like another friend calls it "Kiddism") and I would love to share it with everyone!

Until next time!

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