Friday, May 13, 2011

Funny Fridays - Knock Knock!

Reya: Knock Knock!
Mom: Who's there?
Reya: Better.
Mom: Better who?
Reya: Better let me in!

Reya is big on knock knock jokes...

She didn't know what a knock knock joke was until she read "The diary of a wimpy kid", but once she got it, she loves them. Every time she finds a new knock knock joke, she tries it on everyone that she meets including. Most people play along and she is all happy to have outsmarted a grown up person.

One evening Reya got very frustrated. She came in the kitchen all upset.

"What happened Sweetie", I asked.
"Rithik is not doing knock knock right!"

I was surprised. "He is a baby. You cannot expect a barely 3 year old to understand knock knock jokes!"
"I know. He doesn't have to understand them. He just has to say "Who is there" and he is not doing it right."

In the mean time, his highness Rithik came in the kitchen as well. "Let me show you", Reya pouted.

Reya: Rithik! Listen to me. Knock knock!
Rithik: huh!!!
Reya: No Rithik, say "Who is there"... Knock Knock!
Rithik: I am coming Reya!!!

I thought it was super cute but Reya was furious. So I tried to help. "Let's do it again. Reya you start again."

Reya: Rithik! Knock knock
Mom (whispering): Rithik, say who is it?
Rithik: Who is it?
Reya (happily): Better
Mom: Rithik! Better who?
Rithik runs and hugs Reya saying "Reya didi!!!"

I burst out in laughter and this time even Reya joined in... Isn't that what jokes are for???

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