Sunday, May 15, 2011

The mystery pack arrived

I have been so busy with Birthday parties that I forgot to tell you about a special delivery!

So Last Friday, when our car entered the driveway, Reya screamed happily... "Mommy, there is a box!" She got out from the car, ran to it and again screamed..... "It's Lock n Lock mommy"!

Getting a delivery in a box is a happy thing for my kids... It's a giggle fest anytime we get a big box because they get to open it, empty it and then play with the box, but especially if the box is from Lock n Lock. Reya knows that if it's from Lock n Lock, Mommy usually gets in a great mood, the things that come out of box are quite pretty and the insane amount of brown paper and bubble wrap the things are packed in (its really wonderful packaging) provides hours of fun time.

 This particular time, I was expecting a package of Lock  Lock products that I am supposed to review. So even I was anxious about the contents of the box. Reya gets to the task at hand right away.

 What do we have here.... lot's of packaging material as always... and wait... a $5 gift card.... Aaaaaww! Isn't that nice? Each time I order from Lock n Lock, they always manage to surprise me with an extra little something.

So here is what I have for review!

A set of 3 Borosilicate pots and pans and a set of 3 glass airtight containers and 1 roll of Lock n Lock food wrap. I already own these glass containers and use them, but in the spirit of an honest review I am going to put them to a tough test again.

Let the testing begin.... I will report back my findings in a few days... So sit tight... oh! and I am playing with the idea of a giveaway for some Lock n Lock items, so leave a comment and tell me what you think about that.

Until next time!

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  1. Congratulations Shilpa.I have been a fan of lock n lock, but i don't blog. When their supporters programwas announced, i couldn't do anything but sit calm. It would be great to see some good reviews from people like you and then buy the products rather than buying them just like that.

    And it would be great if you start locknlock giveaway.