Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guess the place?

Hey you all!

My bro and his wife finally went on their honeymoon... 8 months after their marriage... poor guys just couldn't get the stars aligned in their favor till now. Anyhow, they sent me these beautiful pictures from the trip... Can you guess what place this is?  I will give you hints along the way.

Hint 1. This place is in India... so that narrows your search!

Hint 2. This place has mountain goats... so it must be hilly and chilly!

Yes, it is confirmed... it is a hilly place.

Hint 3. This place has Buddhism and also appears to have some Chinese influence. Definitely looks like North or Eastern India....

Hint 4 (last one). This place has a beautiful lake nestled between hills where the climax of a famous "idiotic" movie was shot.... oh that's a really good hint.... you have to know the place by now!



.... any guesses?


..... anyone?

.... I will tell you.


.... this place is.... LEH, LADAKH (remember Funsuk Wangdoo in 3 Idiots?)

Have fun! If you have been there, share your pictures with me.
Until next time,


  1. lucky guys. i remember my honeymoon. those were the good days. good wishes to the love birds.