Monday, August 29, 2011

Reya's first day in public school

So we finally made the jump from private to public school! Reya started 3rd grade and here are some pictures of the first morning at school.

We started by preparing lunch... peanut butter and jelly sandwich and slices of string cheese for lunch and slices of peach and goldfish crackers for snack. Even though this lock n lock lunch box came with glass containers, knowing Reya's rough handling, I replaced the glass containers with regular lock n lock BPA free containers... better safe than sorry as she already broke 2 containers last year.

Reya wouldn't let me take any pictures of her so I followed her like papparazzi (see my shadow in the picture). She was in such a hurry to get to school that she just took her lunch box and left her bag at home.

When we remembered her bag, we went back home and got it... Even though the bag was empty, we expected some paperwork to be sent back from school.

 The school was full of children and their anxious parents... Reya waited at the table assigned for her class. She saw a couple familiar faces and then she was happy.

Reya's teacher Mr. Lucas came and took all the kids to the classroom. Every morning, as the kids enter the class, he shakes their hand and greets them "Good Morning" by their name. Cool eh!

Reya already made a friend the very first day of school. Gabriella, who happens to be in this picture with her is her first friend in the new school.

So far so good... Let's see what the next week brings...
Until next time,
Shilpa, Reya and Rithik

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