Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rithik's first day of school

Rithik started in pre-shcool this week and it was an interesting day...

Rithik has been going to pre-school since January, but for the last 2 months, he had been at home with Nani (grandmom), and had his fill of digital entertainment, be it TV, DS or iPad. So it was no surprise that he was in no mood to go to school.

"I don't want to go school. I want to go to Prateeksha Aunty's house..." Prateeksha is his second mom / day care provider who has looked after him since he was 3 months old.... and who has never stopped him from watching TV...

After a lot of reasoning, I resorted to the desperate measure that desparate times called... BRIBE. I offered him my newest lock n lock lunch box...  which he fortunately refused... I was kinda glad, since I wanted it for myself... It is big and spacious for my lunch as well as snacks and honestly more suited for an adult. Luckily  Rithik firmly said that he wanted his old lock and lock lunch box ... he really does love it a lot and it really is perfect for him.
So I asked him to help me pack lunch and luckily the thought of eating lunch in school got him excited about school somewhat. His teachers have always said that he enjoys his lunch time :-) Here is the lunch...

The lunch was packed and Rahul took Rithik to school.

At about 11:30 am, I got a call from his teacher that they cannot locate Rithik's lunch box and asked if it was left at home... It turned out that Rithik had started crying in the car again and Rahul gave him his lunch box to hold as an effort to calm him... it worked, but then it got left in the back seat of the car.

I asked the teacher to give him hot lunch from the school catering service (that reminds me, I still have to pay for it) and hoped Rithik will eat it and not cry too much for his lunch box.... see you really have to understand that lunch box is a big deal for this little guy.

Finally I reached Rithik's school at 5:30 pm and as soon as Rithik saw me, he ran to me and started reciting the story...

"Mommy!!!!! Mommy, dad took my lunch in the car, and then Miss Saati (read Swati) gave me lunch. I eat apple juice, I eat apple sauce, I eat pizza and I also eat fruits... "
"You ate all of it"
"Yeah! Daddy ate my lunch. He took it. The school is so fun Mommy! It is fun. I like Miss Dana, and I like Miss Saati, and I like Miss Caitlin".

Just what every parent wants to hear on the first day of pre-school!!! With a big smile, I asked "You like coming to school" and he answered with an equally big smile "YES! " and then started pulling me and said ...

"I am ready to go home now."

Sure he like his school and the food, but there is a limit to everything... right folks!

Until next time,
Shilpa, Reya and Rithik

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