Monday, October 10, 2016

Day in the life of a Super hero...

There is a super hero inside all of us! We just need the courage to put on the cape!

All kids love superheroes. My kids are no exception. I was going through my old pictures when I came across some pictures of my son in a cape. I call this series, "A day in the life of a super hero".

Even heroes need to protect their teeth! What a great start!

He will need all the energy he has to fight the bad guys!

It's important to keep your skills sharpened. Can't afford to rest!

Trying out the newest feature of his cape indoors .... A sun shade

Given the elections and presidential debates, the topic of heroes and villains seems very topical. Things are moving pretty quickly these days and our heroes and villains keep changing parts. Hillary, the DNC's hero Hillary is RNC's villain and Trump who was RNC's villain the beginning of this year and then hero until a month ago, is now everyone's villain.

I am a Hillary fan, but for some people it's hard to rally behind either of the two. I get it. They have both made mistakes, several of them. Let's just call both of them a villain for a moment. But a villain who takes responsibility for their deeds is inevitably more attractive than a self-professed hero who refuses to admit there is any fault in them. Trump refuses to think there could be anything wrong with him, slings mud at everyone criticizing him (be it Gold Star parents or Ex Miss universe or even POW John McCain) and threatens Hillary with jail time in nationally televised debate. And he still claims that he has the best temperament. If this is his good temperament, I don't want to see his bad temperament.

My kids (8 and 12 now) have been watching Trump and my son has been especially worried. This exchange happened last week.

Rithik: "Mom, do you think Trump will win"
Me: "I cannot be sure. It depends on people's votes."
Rithik: "If Trump wins, please stay away from him"
Me: "Why?"
Rithik: "If he sees us, he might think we are Muslims and may kick us out of this country!... Can he really kick us out? Where will we go?"

I was appalled. Not only my son (born in America to legal, Hindu, Indian - American, citizen parents) was worried about us being mistaken as Muslims (and there is nothing wrong with Muslims, BTW), he was for the first time associating his looks and skin color to hatred and danger.

And for the first time, he felt that he may not have a place in his own country.... He was terrified! And that is such a shame! This is not political talk anymore, it is political terrorism in my book!

This election is not a usual one. I have never thought along party lines. I have voted for democrat as well as republican candidates when they have earned my respect and have values that I share. I cannot in my right mind, be OK with a candidate who promotes misogyny, racism, sexism, terror and hatred.

I hope that you will also pick your candidate after deeply evaluating their values and choose tolerance over hatred, unity over exclusion and diversity over racism.

Coming back to the topic of this post, I want to leave a message for my son, who re-reads my blog every week with great interest. "My dear son! You don't need to be afraid. This is your country and you belong here! And when it comes to heroism, heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with. So strive to make good choices and take the right path!"

Signing off,

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